This is a perfect way to enhance natural lashes. Good for candidates who already has a good number of natural lashes. With the classic lash technique, one individual lash extension is applied to one natural lash creating a longer darker natural look.


The hybrid set is a combination of both classic and volume fans alternating to create a bolder natural look. They're not as subtle as a classic set or as dense as a volume set.


Volume extensions are when two or more individual extension is attached to one natural lash. These are called fans. Ranging from light to full volume fans can be as small as 2-5 extension or as big as 5-10 extensions. An every day glammed look.

Mega Volume

Mega extensions are a more advanced technique. This look is created by extra thin and light weighted extensions to create the bold look without being too heavy for the natural lash to withhold. Bold and fabulous, great for special occasions and photoshoots.